Nicola Carpentieri

Assistant Professor, Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Project PI

Nicola Carpentieri is Assistant Professor and Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Connecticut. His research focuses on medieval Arabic literature and on the history of medicine.

Dr. Carpentieri received his Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic studies from Harvard University in 2012. Subsequently, he held research positions at the University of Manchester, where he worked on the edition of the Arabic commentaries on the Hippocratic Aphorisms, and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where his research focussed on the poetry of court secretaries in Muslim and Norman Sicily and on the Latin receptions of Avicenna’s Canon. He has published numerous  articles on Arabic literature, the history of medicine and medical translations from Greek into Arabic, Arabic into Latin and Persian into Arabic. He recently published an edited collection entitled “Sicily, al-Andalus and the Maghreb: Writing in Times of Turmoil”  for Arc Humanities Press/Kalamazoo. Dr. Carpentieri is currently preparing a monograph on the literary heritage of Muslim Sicily. His other interests include Arabic codicology, Persian Literature, Islamic Art and Architecture and other aspects of Islamicate culture, from medicine to music. 

He is the PI in the Latin Canon project, for which he received funding from the University of Connecticut Research Excellence Program.

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